Library Services / Facilities

Library uses KOHA Library software package which is integrated multi-user, multi-tasking library information software that supports all in-house operations of the library. The software extends the facilities like Catalogue, Circulation, Utility, Serial Control, and Acquisition. The database of books available in the library is being updated on day to day basis.

The library offers computerized catalogue search services through the online public access catalogue (OPAC). The bibliographic record has the data of more than 22,000 books available in the Library. OPAC is placed in the user area for the library users to access the OPAC. In this form we can search the library item by filling the required fields. Such as: Item type, Subject, Title, Author, Member name etc. and click the ‘ Search ‘ the searched information will appear on the screen in a tabular form, with full details regarding the items.


Online Public access catalogue – A user -friendly web-based Open sources library software Koha has been adopted at the library resources centre to make it fully automated. The SIEM Central library has more than 21563 Books. The library’s catalogue of books and other reading material can be accessed through library intranet and Internet (OPAC).

Open Access

The library has open access i.e. the students are allowed to enter the book stack and choose.

Home Lending of Books

Library issue books for one week to students on home lending purpose.

Book Bank Facility

Book Bank facility is provided to SC/ST Students and All FE Studnet.

Reference service:

Reference Service is an important service offered by the library. It helps users to make full use of the resources available in the library. It provides guidance in the use of library resources and services, assists in accessing e-journals, e-books, databases, multimedia sources etc.

E-Library /Digital Library

E-library & ERP facility is available for the faculty and students for online access of e-resources.


As per demand of users printing facility is made available
Multimedia PC’s are available to the users in E-Library.

Reprography Service

The Central Library offers photocopying service to all its members, walk-in users and others.

Extended working hours

Extended working hours during examination time.

News Papers/Magazines/Journals

access to the 50 Journals and 9 newspapers

Displaying of New arrivals

Display of New arrivals Books, Journal and other material at front of stack section

In-house / remote access to e-resources

In-house access e-publication is given to students, teaching and non-teaching staff of the college. Every faculty and Student member is given a Login ID to access e-resources through ERP.