R & D Committee

Name Designation
Dr. Dipak P. Patil Chairman of RDC
Dr. Swati A. Gade Director RDC
Dr. R. J. Nayak Member
Dr. Kamalesh Paswan Member
Prof. Puneet Jain Member
Prof. Sayaly Pawar Member
Mr. Snehal Dongre Member


To put in place a robust mechanism for developing and strengthening the research ecosystem within SIEM.


  • To create a conducive environment for enhanced research productivity.
  • To encourage collaboration across industry, government, community- based organizations,

and agencies at the local, national, and international levels.


  • To motivate the faculty members to do quality research, present papers in reputed international conferences and publish articles in peer reviewed journals.
  • To motivate faculty members to apply for various research grants and improve laboratories facility along with quality of research.
  • To organize hands on trainings and workshops in SIEM.
  • To encourage students to participate in various Hackathon’s / Project Competitions to present their innovation in the different domains of the technology to solve various social problems.
  • To frame the policy to promote research and motivate the faculty for an academic advancement.