Principal’s Message


Welcome to Sandip Foundation’s Sandip Institute of Engineering and Management.

Representing Sandip Institute of Engineering and Management is a great matter of pride for me. In this marvelous campus of Sandip Foundation, we strive to inculcate values in students which nurture them in a way that makes them excel in academics, innovation and personal growth. The prime interest of the institute has always been to impart knowledge, values, skills and wisdom in students to empower them to become the torch bearers of their respective fields.

We support an all-encompassing approach to education that integrates academic concepts with real-world applications. We pledge to deliver each and every stakeholder top-notch facilities and services. In order to integrate academic understanding to real-world problems and applications, our laboratories and research facilities provide students with hands-on learning opportunities.

We encourage our students to engage in extracurricular and intellectual activities as a supplement to their academic endeavors. These experiences aid in the development of critical life skills, the enhancement of communication abilities, and the formation of enduring connections that will last a lifetime. The institutes additionally offer employability-enhancement programs, value-added programs, and credentials in addition to the primary academic curriculum. Furthermore, we furnish webinars, seminars, guest lectures, workshops, and skill-based training modules for advancing the level of bar of the knowledge of students’ field of interest.

In my ability and as this prestigious institution’s principal, I can confidently assure you that we are dedicated to creating an orderly and enriching campus environment. To ascertain everyone’s success both academically and personally, we place a high priority on their well-being and provide the best assistance whenever required.

Let’s change the world together and leave an enduring impression of being an integral part of the Sandip Group of Institutes.

Thank You.
Best Regards.

Dr. Dipak P. Patil