Innovations & Best Practices

Innovations & Best Practices

Innovation is the process of making modifications to something established by introducing some- thing new. An innovative practice could be a pathway created to further the interest of the student and the institution, for internal quality assurance, inclusive practices and stakeholder relationships. The Institute has worked and working on the following innovations and best practices: In order to bring excellence in academic, innovations are to be a part of planning and execution all the times. A few in academics introduced and followed by SIEM are:

IPR Cell:  Students and Faculty members are encouraged to come up with innovative ideas for project development. Institute provides support to such students and faculty for filing patents. 102 patents have been filed and out of them 95 patents are published and 10 patents are approved by the Indian government’s Patent Office.

Smart Class Rooms: Establishment of more than 30 smart class rooms to provide better teaching facilities to students. It also gives better atmosphere and understanding of academics for to students.

E-learning Resources: Development of e-learning resources are the need of the day to make reading material available to students all the times. SIEM has developed more than 300 e-contents covering all most all courses and are uploaded on LMS for open access.

Teaching with Collaboration: Another innovative method of teaching involves encouraging student collaboration for various projects. Projects related to their courses are assigned to students and are asked to submit reports for further open discussion. This helps in developing creativeness in student and better learning of the subject.

Introduction of 3D Printing: SIEM is always keen to introduce students the upcoming things which can be useful to them. To fulfil this objective recently 3D printer with scanner is procured so that students can be practically familiar to this latest technique.

Environment Consciousness: SIEM takes all possible efforts to make students and faculty conscious about environment and protect it. With this aim, initiatives are taken to create awareness regarding energy conservation practices such as use of renewable energy, Solar systems, biogas production and uses etc., Rooftop water harvesting structures, rain water harvesting, organic farming, soil sustainability etc.

Internet and Wi/Fi campus: Sandip foundation campus is well equipped with advance high speed internet facility which is available to all students, faculty and staff. The campus is having Wi/Fi facility which improves the working ability all the times.

Internships and Industrial Visits: It provides students an insight regarding internal working of companies and industries.

Soft skill Development: Experts for various fields are regularly interacting with students and faculty to improve their soft skill and employability skills.

Green campus Initiatives: In order to adhere to the policy and raise awareness among college staff and students, proactive steps are implemented and appropriate efforts are periodically made. A few examples of these initiatives include limiting car access to campus, encouraging battery-operated vehicles and bicycles on campus pathways, opposing the use of plastic or polypropylene bags in cafeterias
and canteens, encouraging planting that results in lovely landscaping throughout the campus,
and creating pedestrian-friendly pathways.