Move over, paper magazines!Here come Sandip Foundation’s own e-magazines for its students and faculty to read and learn in leisure! E-magazines of Sandip Foundation’s individual institutions spread a sense of togetherness and learning that pervades all the levels of the institutes. The e-magazines contain contributions from students and the faculty. They capture the happenings in the campus, both cultural and academic events that bring the community together and make them all learn from one another and grow. What’s more, the informative articles in the e-magazines on various relevant fields of engineering, technology and industry helps students keep abreast of the latest happenings around them. In these times of smart phones and other easy internet-access devices, the E-magazines keep the students and faculty always connected to the latest and the greatest happenings in campus and also in their chosen fields of education. What’s more, no matter where they go, the e-magazines stay close to them, being a constant source of the most relevant information.