Drama Club

Vision of the Club:

  • To cultivate a community of highly-skilled artists, scholars, and citizens who are engaged with the world and invested in theatrical storytelling—in all its guises—as a means of elevating and celebrating our individual and collective voices, promoting understanding, and nurturing compassion.

Mission of Club:

  • Our mission is to inspire children to dreamexplorethink, and connect through imaginative storytelling onstage and in the classroom.


Sr. No. Designation Name Contact No.
1 Chairman Prof. (Dr.) D. P. Patil 9545453265
2 Faculty Advisor Prof. Ms. Jasmini  Panigrahi 7749853283
3 Faculty Advisor Prof. Ms. Ananya Manwal 9423557723
4 Student Coordinator Mr. Ojas Deshmukh 9765530295

Expected outcomes and benefits to students/institute:

  • The motto of the Drama Club is to nurture the talent, celebrate the diversity and give expressions to the creativity of young minds.
  • It encourages students to participate in various inter and intra college drama competitions.
  • The club is actively involved in organizing various drama competitions in the college. This club makes the students to adapt creative, fun and easy way of learning acting skill.