Art, Craft & Creativity Club

Vision of the Club:

To develop aesthetic values and enhance the creative skills and artistic talents of the students.

Mission of Club:

  • To motivate the students to improve creativity.
  • Develop the student’s individuality and self-esteem through artistic achievement.
  • Encourage the students to work in collaborated with others.
  • Students are encouraged to share their artwork with their peers, friends, and family.


Sr. No. Designation Name Contact No.
1 Chairman Prof. (Dr.) D. P. Patil 9545453265
2 Faculty Advisor Prof. Mrs. R. Y. Mahajan 8956707568
3 Faculty Advisor Prof. Amol Shirsath 9421701096
4 Student Coordinator Mr. Girish Shimpi 8080502847

Expected outcomes and benefits to students/institute:

  • Students will able to apply their creative skills practically.
  • Give students a sense of achievement and allow them to take pride in their work which builds confidence.